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Welcome to my website. I am an international development economist specializing in sustainable private sector development in emerging markets, focused on pro-poor business models. I have professional experience in 67 countries around the globe, with expertise in market systems development (MSD/M4P), SME/value chain/enterprise development, strategy, competitiveness, and international trade and investment for both public and private sector clients. I have done considerable work in the private healthcare sector.

Currently based in Nairobi as Project Director on SDC’s Private Sector Partnerships for Health (PSPH) Somalia, which grew out of a successful pilot I was instrumental in starting back in 2016. Immediately prior, I served as Project Director on USAID’s Linkages for Small and Medium Enterprises (LinkSME) in Vietnam, following a year in Egypt turning around USAID’s Strengthening Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development (SEED) project. I spent the four previous years in Nairobi with Cardno Emerging Markets (East Africa) Ltd. as Team Leader on  DFID’s pioneering Private Sector Innovation Programme for Health (PSP4H) in Kenya. PSP4H was rated A+ four consecutive years in its DFID annual reviews, shortlisted for a British Expertise award in the International Development category, and is frequently cited as a model market systems development program. Click here to view a video documentary on PSP4H.

While in Kenya, I simultaneously served as Strategy Advisor for Cardno in a range of both implementation and management roles regionally across East Africa, building a portfolio of ten projects for both public and private clients during my tenure. Among these projects was Piloting Private Healthcare Networks (PPHN) in Somalia funded by SDC, which evolved into the larger project I am currently implementing. PPHN started Caafinet, a private sector network of clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies, which grew from scratch to 325 providers serving 200,000 to 250,000 clients per month as of mid-2020.

In addition to pioneering the market systems development approach in healthcare, I have created private sector and industrial development strategies for sovereign governments, managed networks of enterprise assistance centers serving thousands of private firms, assisted SMEs to join global supply chains, trained and mentored large teams of national and international consultants, authored widely-used consulting tools, processes and training materials, researched evolving development methodologies in action to advise on future program design, turned around underperforming projects and organizations, authored numerous articles and presentations, and led performance improvement, restructuring, privatization, and analytical efforts.

Educated at Harvard University and The Wharton School, I am equally adept at managerial and technical roles with advisory experience that spans policy, strategy, financial, operational and marketing issues, from new business acquisition to project delivery. I am known for delivering results that surpass expectations, getting right to the heart of the matter while keeping value for money in mind. I have a track record of projects being won, extended, and expanded.

I have the ability to help solve complex problems, implement thoughtful programs and processes that work in practice, turn around difficult situations, add value to your project and improve outcomes for all stakeholders.

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I have worked in 67 countries and territories and lived in 13. I back up my consulting and advisory roles with years of hands-on commercial experience exporting to and conducting international trade with partners on every continent except Antarctica. My experience ranges from emerging markets to fully developed economies; I have done business in all of the BRIC countries, well before they were known by that acronym. I have first-hand work experience in: