Program Leadership

Managing in the Field

Achieving effective results takes more than excellent technical skills; field management of an international project can never be an afterthought. By definition, international projects require cross-cultural awareness and navigational abilities. Most projects have multiple stakeholders that may have divergent interests, as well as skilled technical and administrative staff to manage. I not only have the broad range of technical proficiencies that allows me to understand the most demanding client needs, I also have global experience that provides a comfort level in many different business environments, on top of commercial line management background.

Leading Complex Programs

I am experienced at Program Director, Team Leader and Chief of Party roles. I have built and led project teams of several hundred in multiple locations across international borders, raising the capacity of local staff while delivering complex technical assistance components. I am also experienced in recruiting, leading and collaborating with smaller teams of recognized international experts. And I never take my eye off the bottom line, delivering results within budget.

I am effective in difficult and distressed environments and experienced in restructuring, turnaround, and remedial situations as well as in performance improvement. I have consulted in several post-conflict situations. I have extensive field experience in Africa.

I am a skilled writer, presenter, and communicator who can successfully meet client reporting requirements as well as represent the work to internal stakeholders and the public. I have a record of publications and presentations, some of which may be found on the Downloads page.

Delighting Clients

Finally, client relations can never be neglected and I have a history of strong client relationships and for exceeding client expectations. This is borne out by a history of projects and contracts that have been enlarged and extended.