I have designed economic development technical assistance programs from basic approach down to the most excruciating level of detail. My modular, flexible Enterprise Improvement methodology has been applied several times to formerly ad-hoc approaches to firm-level development and has resulted in manifold productivity and performance improvements. I take a systems approach to project design that heavily emphasizes cause-and-effect and behavior change. Although I am process oriented, there are never cookie-cutter solutions and each engagement brings its own unique design and ends in unique solutions. Each project design is tempered with realism and bounded by its budgetary constraints.

Measurement and Analysis
Along with process comes measurement, and I link performance improvement process with measurement systems that are simple, accurate, in real time, and use data that can actually be obtained with modest effort. I developed a system of Key Monitoring Ratios (KMRs) over the past decade that is used to monitor both firm-level and portfolio-level perfomance accurately with a small, readily available set of figures. KMRs have been applied in thousands of cases across the developing world.
Assessment, Monitoring, and Evaluation (M&E)
Finally, continuous improvement depends on feedback; project performance is intelligently analyzed based on results rather than activity. I can assist in monitoring, evaluation, and assessment of both large and small projects. I have assessed impact of privatizations on the scale of billions of dollars and have measured real-time performance of portfolios of over a thousand firms.