International Trade and Investment

Private Sector Operating Experience

Prior to becoming a consultant, I served as an international business executive for a generations-old private company in the U.S., heading the expansion of their export business to more than 40 countries worldwide. I have first-hand knowledge of each step in international trade process: identifying, evaluating, selecting, and coming to agreement with international business partners; customizing products to local market requirements; meeting international standards; international logistics, transportation, documentation, and customs; export credit and finance; local distribution, marketing, promotion, and customer care; and international trade fairs.

Consulting Experience

As an economic development consultant, I have led several programs that promoted international trade and investment. One such program exceeded its trade targets by a factor of ten in dollar value, employing e-commerce techniques in addition to more traditional marketing methods. I have authored methodologies for assisting clients with international market planning, exporting, and exhibiting at international trade fairs. I recently led a project exploring multinational enterprise investments in Afrca for a major Western government.


I served as President of the Automotive Exporters Council in the U.S., and twice received the Illinois Governor’s Export Award.