M4P / Market Systems Development, Value Chains and Competitiveness

M4P / Market Systems Development

M4P or ‘Making Markets Work for the Poor’ is a market systems development approach that incorporates a facilitative, pro-poor, bottom-up perspective to development and poverty reduction. M4P interventions are designed to be systemic, sustainable, and scalable. I have extensive first-hand experience designing and implementing M4P interventions in non-traditional sectors in Africa, and am currently leading development of a global practice in M4P in the healthcare sector. See the PSP4H project web site for more details on this initiative.

Value Chains

A value chain essentially links all the elements that add value to product or service delivery to the end user, from unprocessed raw materials all the way to after-sales service – considering everything in between and around. I was an early advocate of value chain development in emerging economies and have helped increase competitiveness in a broad range of industries by identifying gaps and opportunities within value chains, and then taking action to improve them. I have a broad industry perspective; some of the industries I have worked with are listed on the Industries page.

Technical Application

I successfully implemented M4P in the healthcare sector in Africa for the first time, and developed innovative value chain mapping techniques that apply the “Do No Harm” framework to economic development for the first time. I have worked alongside some of today’s renowned experts in value chain analysis and market systems development, both in academic and consulting circles, and can apply state-of-the-art quantitative techniques to identifying linkages for industry performance improvement and opportunities for investment promotion.

Public-Private Partnerships

I have assembled public-private partnerships (PPPs) that promote competitiveness in several regions of the world, bringing in private investment which leverage public commitments.