Governments that have reached the policy conclusion that acceleration of private sector development is in their national interest understand that a world-class framework must be in place that recognizes global best practices, incorporates local strengths, and is in touch with market dynamics and competitors’ positions. Building a best practice business environment is necessary to ensure that a nation’s industries and enterprises are globally competitive, but it is insufficient in and of itself to gain strategic advantage. A comprehensive private sector development framework includes elements at both macro and micro levels. There are no broad-brush, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Complementary “Top Down” and “Bottom Up” Approaches

My breadth of comparative experience allows me to bring first-hand knowledge of global best practice and market systems to the table. My approach to private sector development combines “top down” or business and policy environment enabling initiatives with “bottom up” or industry value chain and enterprise level initiatives to reach a comprehensive and effective outcome. Further, an effective strategy can only be formulated with maximum input and ownership of all stakeholders, with involvement from public sector, private sector, and civil society actors.